Republican National Convention
Monday, July 31, 2000

Today's convention theme

By By Howard Wilkinson
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        After a morning session of party business, the Republican National Convention will haul out some of its stars tonight to try to make an impression on minority voters and voters raising kids.

        The 4,000-plus delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia will make their first trip to the floor of the First Union Center this morning, when they deal with the party platform and routine business.

        Tonight, though, when at least the cable news network cameras will be watching, a couple of the stars come out. Colin Powell, the retired general whom many here had hoped would be on the ticket with nominee George W. Bush, will be the featured speaker, followed by Laura Bush, the librarian wife of the Texas governor.

        The general and the potential first lady will both talk about the needs of America's children, the theme of the first day of the convention and a cornerstone of a Bush presidential campaign that promises to “leave no child behind.”

        Delegates will also hear a number of minority speakers — African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American — as part of a conscious effort by the Republican National Committee to reach minority voters.

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