Republican National Convention
Tuesday, August 01, 2000

Roll call gets rolling

Gannett News Service

        PHILADELPHIA — Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., led off the Republican National Convention's “rolling roll call” of states Monday night with a succinct summary of Alabama's best features.

        “Alabama,” Mr. Shelby's voice called out from the crowded convention floor at Philadelphia's First Union Center, “a leader in biotechnology, aerospace, software development, agriculture and forestry casts all of its 44 votes for the next president of the United States, the governor of Texas, George W. Bush.”

        The countdown to Mr. Bush's official nomination had began.

        Breaking tradition with the past — when the roll call actually meant something and was conducted all in one evening, planners of the 2000 GOP convention decided to stretch the formality out over several evenings.

        Program planners said the change was made to add tempo to the three evening broadcasts leading up to Mr. Bush's Thursday night acceptance speech.

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