Republican National Convention
Thursday, August 03, 2000

Nader appeals for young voters

He urges youth group to be active

By Eun-Kyung Kim
The Associated Press

        PHILADELPHIA — Ralph Nader encouraged young people Wednesday to draw their friends into politics and to “shuck off” society's “trivialization” of their issues.

        “You've got to have a sense of urgency,” Mr. Nader, the Green Party candidate for president, told the National Youth Convention. “It's time for you to say to the adult population, "Stop trivializing us and our issues.'”

        The several hundred convention delegates have been meeting since Sunday at Drexel University to create a platform of issues affecting them. Among their concerns: education, poverty, health, the environment, drugs and political and community involvement.

        Organizers said Mr. Bush declined to attend.

        Mr. Nader poked fun at his absence, turning fre quently to comment to the chair beside him labeled with a “reserved for George W. Bush” sign.

        Some participants said Mr. Bush dismissed them by not attending. Mr. Bush arrived in the convention city Wednesday morning.

        “The fact that he decided not to attend shows that either, one, he doesn't feel the youth vote is important or, two, he feels that he's not accountable to us because we're not the ones supporting him financially,” said Jen Sandler, 24, of Tucson, Ariz.

        Mr. Nader criticized both parties for accepting millions of dollars and in-kind contributions from corporations to help put on the conventions.

        A second youth convention is planned for Los Angeles, where Democrats hold their convention Aug. 14-17.

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