Sunday, August 06, 2000

Township wants own address

Confusion cited over "West Chester"

By Michael D. Clark
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        WEST CHESTER TWP. — What's in a name?

        Businesses and residents in this Butler County community are hoping a new moniker will mean greater ease in receiving mail and visitors.

        West Chester Township officials soon will meet with U.S. Postal Service officials to request that the township be given a single, uniform mailing designation of West Chester.

        Those living and doing business in some outlying portions of the southeastern Butler County community now have mailing addresses from post offices outside of West Chester. The name of the township was formally changed from Union to West Chester in June.

        Local officials, and some businesses and residents, would also like to have the option of listing West Chester as their mailing address to avoid confusion.

        “This is not about changing ZIP codes,” said West Chester Township Administrator David Gully. “For example, people who live in West Chester, who have a Hamilton mailing address, often don't have anything to do with the Hamilton area besides the mailing address.”

        Tom Hayden said his company has suffered from such confusion.

        Mr. Hayden, an executive with Rite Track Inc., said the company used to be located just west of Glendale-Princeton Road and had a Hamilton mailing address although it was within West Chester's boundaries.

        “It used to really confuse people trying to find our offices. They would go looking for us in Hamilton,” he said of the Butler County city about 15 miles northwest of West Chester.

        But Bonni Manies, spokeswoman for the Cincinnati District of the U.S. Postal Service, said that granting West Chester a uniform mailing designation option could be difficult.

        She said township officials have to first contact the postal district manager, who oversees postal service in 26 counties in southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana, and discuss how to implement such a change.

        “I'm not saying its impossible but it takes time,” Ms. Manies said.

        The earlier the better, said West Chester resident Jan Heimpold. She moved into the township only to discover her new home is served by the Hamilton city post office, which is in adjacent Fairfield Township.

        “It's very confusing. When I have a delivery made to my home they always end up calling me because they can't find my place and think I live in Hamilton,” Ms. Heimpold said.

        She would welcome a mailing address change.


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