Monday, August 14, 2000

Clifton fountain fund grows

By Lew Moores
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        A plaza and fountain commemorating the history of Clifton could grace the corner of Clifton and Ludlow avenues by the end of next year. A committee is raising the money to complete the project.

        The Clifton Fountain Committee, a group of six to eight neighborhood residents, has been working for 18 months to raise the mon ey, get approval and endorsements from various organizations and hire a landscape architect.

        Pama Mitchell, a member of the committee, said the plaza and fountain will be at the edge of Burnet Woods. She said the Cincinnati Park Board has given its approval to proceed with the project.

        “The park board is overseeing the whole thing,” Ms. Mitchell said. “They'll administer the fund we're raising.”

        The money is being raised privately. The park board owns the land.

        The committee has raised about $180,000 of the needed $425,000.

        They have also gotten Clifton Town Meeting, the neighborhood council, to sign off on the project, Ms. Mitchell said.

        The committee has hired a landscape architect, Gary Meisner, who designed the site plan, and a local artist, Matt Kotlarczyk, who de signed the fountain.

        The plaza will be about 45 feet by 90 feet, and will have benches, a sitting wall, a time line of the neighborhood's 150-year history, tables and chairs and landscaped areas.

        The fountain will have a female figure atop a pedestal, about 10 feet high. Water will flow from the outstretched hands of the figure into a pool.

        Ms. Mitchell said the committee wanted to complete the plaza and fountain this year to commemorate Clifton's 150-year history, but designing the project and raising money has taken more time.

        “We have 150 years of Clifton history here,” Ms. Mitchell said. “It would be a gift from this generation to future generations.”

        An anonymous donor has given $50,000. The committee plans a Fountain Awareness Day in Clifton on Aug. 26, with a sign and a model of the fountain.

        The committee will also sell tickets for a fund-raising event in September; the committee is still working on details.

        Donations can be sent to Cincinnati Parks Foundation, c/o Dave Huwer, Foundation Committee Treasurer, 3611 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati 45220. Checks should be made payable to: Cincinnati Parks Foundation/Clifton Fountain.


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