Monday, August 14, 2000


Ways to stay active and healthy

        Branching out: Forget Tarzan. It's the Janes who are really in the swing when it comes to climbing trees.

        Of the 1,500 people a year Tree Climbers International introduces to tree-top classes and outings, 50 percent to 60 percent are women, Fitness magazine reports.

        We're talking serious climbing here, involving ropes and harnesses and ascents of 75 to 125 feet. Courses range from guided climbs to overnight camp outs in tree-top hammocks. — PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

        Outdoor gym: If you are exercising in the pool, buy a pair of aqua shoes, especially if you're going to do exercises in chest-high water.

        Your feet and legs still absorb some impact when they hit the hard pool bottom. You'll also be able to get traction for some water workouts.

        Besides, you won't want to scrape your feet. Aqua shoes are available as slip-ons or lace-up versions. — ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

               Stretching: If you are interested in information about stretching, there is a Web site with photos, descriptions and video of a variety of stretches at — SEATTLE TIMES

               Running: Judging from the number of recent books on the subject, running must be making a bit of a comeback — or maybe it's just a surge in writing about running. Some helpful-looking ones include:

        • Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Know to Run for Fun, Fitness and Competition, by Amby Burfoot. $24.95

        • The Beginning Runner's Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk/Run Program, by Ian MacNeill and The Sports Medicine Council of British Columbia. $12.95

        • The Runner's Sourcebook: Everything you need to know about basic and cross-training, equipment, marathons, and more, by Ellen E. Sampson. $15.95 — SEATTLE TIMES

               Reduce calories: Eating a diet with the right amount of calories that is low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol is a balancing act.

        Try these tips to help keep you on the right track toward a healthy diet:

        • Choose liquid margarine products made from unsaturated oils, reduced fat or nonfat salad dressing, liquid cooking oils, or seeds and nuts. Use oils, margarines and other high-fat spreads only when you need them. Remember to eat the right amount of serving of nuts and seeds.

        • Use tomato-based sauces rather than cream-based sauces. — THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


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