Monday, August 14, 2000

Pig Parade: Pigskin

Pig primed to punt, pass or kick

By Owen Findsen
The Cincinnati Enquirer

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        This is 107th in a series spotlighting pigs from the Big Pig Gig Public Art Project taking place in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport. Find past pig profiles and event details at

        John Wilson considers his pig to be a work in process. “I would like to see it at the Paul Brown Stadium. I would like to put a speaker inside it so that it would squeal with delight every time the Bengals score and grunt with displeasure if the other team scores.”

        Mr. Wilson, who lives in Mount Adams, is a retired art teacher from the Cincinnati Public Schools. His paintings of the Bengals in action hang in the Bengals offices. His large tiger mural is at Spinney Field.

        Sponsor: Cincinnati Bengals.

        This pig's pen: Hogging the corner at Fifth and Elm streets, downtown.

        You were inspired by: I've been a Bengals fan since we got the franchise, and I've done a lot of artwork for the Bengals over the years.

        What's the pig idea? The pig is covered with pigskin, of course. He's wearing two medals around his neck for the two times the Bengals were in the Super Bowl. The ears have tiger stripes. There are pictures of the new Paul Brown Stadium in the eyes.

        Completing the project took: Three weeks.

        What's the matter? Exterior acrylics. The surface is dimpled, like a real football. I used Industrial Goop for that.

        Your high on the hog was: We had a pig unveiling at Spinney Field and Mike Brown seemed to be delighted with the pig.

        Pig peeve: I wish I could have painted the base to look like a football field before it was installed.

        Best pig tale: There are slogans on the side of the pig such as; “Wee wee wee want a touchdown” and “Hold that loin.” A real football is inflated to 18 pounds. On the side of this one it says “Inflate to 418 pounds.”

        My favorite pork dish: Phyllis' New Year's ribs and sauerkraut. Phyllis is my mother-in-law.

        The materials cost: $250.

        If your pig starred in a movie, who would you cast to play the role? Bogie! (Humphrey Bogart). “He would say things like "Here's looking at you, pig,' "We'll always have Porkopolis,' and "Play it again, Spam.' ”


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