Democratic National Convention
Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Text of speech by Gov. Patton

The Associated Press

        Text of speech by Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, to the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles on Monday. Transcription by eMediaMillWorks Inc.:

        Mr. Chairman, I am certainly pleased to speak on behalf of the Democratic governors of America.

        Governors know the importance of leadership and the value of partnership. And the partnerships that we've forged over the past eight years and the leadership provided by the Democrats have achieved an unprecedented progress and prosperity for our nation.

        But if we're going to continue to lead the world in innovation and technology, we've got to lead the world in education. When it comes to education, it's the governors who are on the front lines. It's the governors that have to lead. It's the education governors of America who will determine our future as a people. And it's the Democratic governors that are providing the leadership.

        And we need a partner in Washington who understands the needs of education and educators. And that partner is Al Gore and his partner, Joe Lieberman.

        Al Gore and Joe Lieberman know the value of education, and they've already proven their support for it. They've already advocated the rebuilding of the decayed schools of America. They've already supported classroom technology with the E-rate program. And they've already promoted smaller class sizes with their support for 100,000 additional classroom teachers.

        And during the next four years, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman are going to improve educational programs for 3-and 4-year-olds, they're going to help recruit and train a million new teachers, and they're going to make a college education even more affordable. Al Gore will be the education president.

        But what about their opponents? George W. Bush has already established his position on education, and let me quote George W. Bush directly: “Higher education is not my priority.”

        Well, I can tell you, higher education is going to be Al Gore's priority.

        And when Dick Cheney was in Congress, he voted against Head Start, not once, not twice, but three times. Well, I can tell you that children are going to be Joe Lieberman's priority.

        No, George Bush cannot be the education program president; he's already flunked out in Texas.

        So my fellow Democrats, my fellow Americans, let's stand up for children. Let's stand up for education. Let's stand up for the Democratic governors of this nation. Let's stand up for Joe — for Al Gore and Joe Lieberman. Let us all stand up for America.

        Thank you and God bless you.

        Thank you. Thank you.

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