Democratic National Convention
Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Thank Clinton for centrism, Cuomo says

Cabinet official speaks to Ohioans

By Howard Wilkinson
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        LOS ANGELES — Bill Clinton's greatest gift to the Democratic Party was in capturing the middle ground of American politics and pushing the Republicans to the “far right,” Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo told Ohio delegates Monday morning.

        “The Republican Party is so far to the right, they are in danger of falling off the table,” said Mr. Clinton's secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the son of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo.

        Mr. Cuomo was the featured speaker Monday morning at the Ohio delegation breakfast in the Century Plaza hotel.

        Mr. Clinton, who addressed the convention Monday night, “turned around the image”' of the Democratic Party as tax-and-spend liberals and “positioned us to win,” Mr. Cuomo said.

        In a rousing, lectern-pounding speech reminiscent of his father's famous oratorical style, Mr. Cuomo said the Democrats gathered in Los Angeles this week owe a debt of gratitude to the lame-duck president.

        “They used to call us the tax-and-spend Democrats; now we are the budget-balancing Democrats,” Mr. Cuomo said.

        “Bill Clinton positioned us right in the political center, which is where elections are won.”

        The challenge for Vice President Al Gore in this election, Mr. Cuomo said, is making clear that a Gore administration would continue and expand on the economic prosperity of the past eight years.

        “This economy that we enjoy today, these good times, are not an act of God,” Mr. Cuomo said. “The clouds did not part and the Lord come down and say this nation shall prosper.

        “It was the private sector working with an administration that had the policies in place to make these opportunities available.”

        Ohio Democratic Party officials are hoping that Mr. Clinton or first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton will stop by the Ohio delegation breakfast this morning before they leave Los Angeles.

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