Democratic National Convention
Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Party leaders urge delegates to stress the positives

By Patrick Crowley
The Kentucky Enquirer

        LOS ANGELES In an effort to keep the Democrats "on message,'' party leaders gave Kentucky delegates a list of talking points Tuesday morning touting the careers and personal lives of the presidential slate.

        Also key, the Democrats say, are the Gore-Lieberman priorities of a prescription drug benefit and a tax cut for the middle class. Keep these in mind, delegates were urged, when campaigning or talking to reporters and even to friends.

        Vice President Al Gore "didn't take the easy way out of Viet Nam, he enlisted in the Army and served in Viet Nam,'' the list points out. Also, Mr. Gore, "disillusioned'' by Watergate and the war, went to work as a journalist and "began a family with Tipper.''

        During his time in the U.S. Senate, Joseph Lieberman helped restore fiscal discipline, reform welfare, and strengthen national defense, his party leaders say.