Friday, August 18, 2000

Tipper: Women deciding election

By Derrick DePledge
Enquirer Washington Bureau

        LOS ANGELES — Tipper Gore and Hadassah Lieberman, appearing together Thursday at a spirited AFL-CIO rally for union women, said voter turnout among women could decide the presidential election.

[photo] “When women vote, we win,” Tipper Gore (left) told union women at an AFL-CIO rally she attended with Hadassah Lieberman Thursday in Los Angeles.
(Associated Press photo)
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        “When women vote, we win,” Mrs. Gore said.

        Female voters provided the margin of victory for President Clinton in 1996 and have been among the most valuable constituencies for the Democratic Party over the past 20 years. But Gallup polls of likely voters show that Vice President Al Gore has lagged behind Texas Gov. George W. Bush among women since late July, before the Republican National Convention.

        The latest poll, released Monday, had Mr. Gore trailing Mr. Bush among women 53 percent to 43 percent.

        Tipper Gore said the next president could determine the ideological balance of the U.S. Supreme Court and the legality of abortion and affirmative action. She urged women in the audience to counter any apathy or cynicism among their friends and neighbors with idealism.

        The nation's burgeoning economy “isn't an accident,” she said. “Politics is personal. It does matter who we elect.”

        Women, who packed a ballroom at the Wilshire Grand Hotel, shook boxes of macaroni like tambourines after every good line.

        Hadassah Lieberman, the wife of vice presidential nominee Joe Lieberman, said women have yet to realize their political power.

        “The real strength in the families and in the communities is still women,” she said.

        Tipper Gore talked about the need for civility and cooperation in politics, but other speakers at the rally dinged Mr. Bush, accusing him of using women and minorities as props.


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