Monday, August 21, 2000

Fitness trainer

Genetics may affect your shape, but not fitness routine

By Dave Patania
        Question: How does genetics fit into the fitness puzzle?

        Answer: Genetics play a key role for the simple fact that one must work with what Mother Nature has given us. I hear all too often people talking about how “someone either has it, or they don't” (referring to having a nice body or athletic ability etc). I am here to say that no matter what God or nature gave you, the blueprint of your body demands physical activity. Despite all of our technological advances with regard to medicine, fitness equipment and knowledge, we can't change the fact that the human body was designed to perform physical activity.

        The movement and stimulation of the body's cardiovascular and muscle systems is key to proper development, maintenance and long term vitality of all other systems of your body. It is important to remember this fact while we are in the midst of trying to invent and perfect drugs, gadgets, computers and other machines that will require us to do nothing more than pop pills and push buttons.

        With that in mind, get out there, find an activity that you enjoy and have fun. Remember that no matter what genetics gives or doesn't give you, they do however offer you the opportunity to do the best with what they have. That opportunity is where the fun, satisfaction, fulfillment and sense of achievement will all be realized.

        Dave Patania, a certified personal trainer, welcomes your questions. Send them to


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