Monday, August 21, 2000

You asked for it

County decides on sidewalks

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: Who is responsible for paving a sidewalk for the quarter mile section of Highland Avenue between Ridge Road and Kennedy Avenue in Columbia Township? Although this area fronts many retail businesses, it has no paved sidewalk. I commute to that area, and it is a pity to see pedestrians struggle through the muddy walk on a rainy day. - Shiro Tanaka Symmes Township

ANSWER: Columbia Township officials said there has never been a paved sidewalk at this location. Tim
Gilday, Hamilton County planning and design engineer, said a letter requesting a sidewalk can be sent to the Hamilton County commissioners. They would determine whether a feasibility study for a sidewalk is warranted and authorize it. Once a determination is made that topography and other conditions would allow a sidewalk, the county would contact the property owners along the sidewalk fronts and schedule a public hearing on the issue, Mr. Gilday said. If 51 percent of the property owners want a walk, it would be installed.

        The property owners become involved because they would shoulder about 50 percent of sidewalk construction costs — $15 to $20 a foot — and the future maintenance of the walk. An effective way to move the process along is to contact the property owners prior to writing the commissioners. Q: Why has the ability to turn right on red at Glenway and Ferguson avenues in Westwood been prohibited? Why not allow the turn except during school hours? - Walter Meirose, Westwood

A: “No Turn on Red” has been in effect at this location since 1995. The restriction was adopted because angled parking on Ferguson caused an accident hazard if the turn were permitted, Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said. Angled parking was removed this summer, and the need for the turn restriction is being evaluated to determine whether it can be removed.

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