Sunday, August 27, 2000

Tristate A.M. Report

AK Steel planning 100th birthday bash

        MIDDLETOWN — AK Steel is throwing a daylong birthday party for the community Sept. 4 to celebrate a century of making steel.

        Except for tours of two manufacturing departments of the Middletown Works steel mill, all of the day's activities will take place at the company's corporate office complex, 703 Curtis St.

        Activities will begin at 10 a.m. and will conclude with a performance by the Middletown Symphony Orchestra, followed by a choreographed fireworks show by Rozzi's Famous Fireworks. Country and western artists Yankee Grey will perform on the main stage between 5 and 6 p.m.

Springboro Council needs new member

        Springboro City Council is considering candidates to fill an unexpired term, ending Dec. 31, 2003, left by the resignation of at-large Councilman Robert Schaefer. Council will make the appointment by Sept. 30.

        A letter of interest or resume may be submitted by Thursday to Lori Martin, clerk of council, 320 W. Central, Springboro, OH 45066. After the deadline, council will contact candidates for interviews.

New lottery game doesn't pay as much

        CLEVELAND — A change in how the state calculates winnings in the new Super Lotto Plus game takes a large amount out of the upfront cash payout many jackpot winners choose.

        The new Lotto game, advertised as having “more prizes and more winners” than the old Super Lotto, is aimed at improving state lottery profits.

        Under the Super Lotto game shelved in July, a winner's cash payout was the amount that, if invested today, would equal the jackpot in 26 years. In the new game, the single cash payment equals less because it is based on present-day dollars invested over 30 years.

        For example, the one-time cash payment for Saturday's $34 million jackpot would be $14,388,987 — an investment expected to equal $34 million by 2030. Under the old rules, a Super Lotto jackpot of $32 million earlier this year had a cash value of $14,950,087 — the amount that would equal $32 million by 2026.

        The other payout option is through annual installments, which defer a big tax hit and help prevent new millionaires from spending all their money at once. That option also now results in smaller payments because the annual amount is spread over 30 years.

Aviation history museum moves out

        COLUMBUS — A museum near Port Columbus International Airport dedicated to showing Ohio's role in aviation history is empty.

        The last of the more than 20 planes in the Ohio History of Flight Museum — a 1911 model known as the Headless Pusher — was removed last week. The same plane was the first to be displayed at the site in 1981 by aviation pioneer Foster Lane, the museum's founder. Mr. Lane died in 1995.

        The museum must be vacated by Thursday to make way for the construction of two hotels. It closed June 1.

        All of the aircraft eventually will be displayed at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus.

        The Headless Pusher, built at Norwalk in Huron County by Paul and Josh Wilbur, will be reassembled for display at the center in September. The remaining aircraft are being warehoused at Port Columbus and are expected to be moved to the historical center in about two years.

Police seek mother of abandoned newborn

        KETTERING — Police have distributed more than 1,000 fliers in their effort to find the mother of a baby that was found outside a home in this Dayton suburb.

        “We're not out to get the mother; we just want to make sure she's not hurt,” police spokesman Larry Warren said Friday.

        The child was found Thursday wrapped in white sheets and towels, with his umbilical cord still attached and covered in mucus, Mr. Warren said.

        “There was little or no blood at the scene — the baby was not harmed or thrown there — so we don't believe the baby was born there,” Mr. Warren said.

        The 6-pound, 12-ounce boy was in good condition at Children's Medical Center.

        The baby will be placed in foster care upon release, according to Ann Stevens, spokeswoman for Montgomery County Children Services.

        Detectives searched an area landfill for blood-stained articles and sent the newborn's towels to the Montgomery County Crime Lab, Warren said.

        “We're taking it block by block, hoping for any information at all,” said Officer Paul Markowski.

Hidden camera aids case against doctor

        DAYTON — The small porcelain firefighter that sat innocently on Michelle Baker's kitchen shelf concealed a miniature video camera.

        Police say the camera led to the arrest of Ms. Baker's surgeon boyfriend — accused of giving her drugs to try to cause the miscarriage of a baby Ms. Baker refused to abort.

        Dr. Maynard Glenn Muntzing, 34, of Lima, is charged with attempted aggravated murder under a 1996 Ohio law that lets prosecutors seek such a charge if a defendant is suspected of trying to end a viable pregnancy. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

        Dr. Muntzing, who married another woman a few weeks before his arrest and has two children from a previous marriage, declined a request for an interview. He was being held in the Montgomery County Jail on $1 million bond.


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