Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Bloody boots checked in slaying

Crime lab looks for Edgewood connection

By Jane Prendergast
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Investigators looking for weapons used to kill a Delta Air Lines pilot still don't know if blood on boots they found in Williamstown, Ky., last week is from a human.

        Initial tests determined that detectives who found them were correct — the stains were blood.

        Now the boots must be tested by a state crime lab in Frankfort, where technicians can see if the blood is human, Kenton County police Capt. Ed Butler said.

        Investigators found the boots last week in a landfill, where they hoped to find a crowbar and gun used to kill Stephen Craven, 38.

        They were led to the dump by two men accused in the crime, who said they dumped the weapons in a Latonia transfer station. That garbage, detectives figured out, ultimately made its way to the Williamstown landfill.

        After searching more than two weeks, they called off their search Monday, Capt. Butler said.

        “We just decided to apply our resources elsewhere,” he said. “There's still a lot of other things to be done in this case. We just felt we exhausted the area where the gun and the crowbar might be.”

        Mr. Craven's body was found in his Edgewood basement July 12 after his wife, Adele, came home and said she thought the house had been burglarized. Police determined he had been clubbed four times in the head with a crowbar and then shot three times.

        Mrs. Craven, her married lover, Rusty McIntire, and a former co-worker of Mr. McIntire's, Ronald Pryor, have been charged with murder.

        Police say Mrs. Craven helped plan the killing and presided over it, ordering Mr. Pryor to shoot her husband when he still appeared alive after the crowbar whacks.


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