Thursday, August 31, 2000

Comedy's been kind to William Alexander

        So it's 16 months later and William Alexander is still glad he did it. Kissed off a regular paycheck, we mean, and went in to comedy full time.

        No wonder: He just taped his second appearance on Comedy View for BET (Black Entertainment Television). His first CD, As Silly as I Wanna Be, is due this fall. He's on the road two weekends a month, playing comedy clubs. He's taping a comedy show for Channel 25. And he's featured comedian (middle act) today through Saturday at Go Bananas in Montgomery.

        “I wasn't really scared, but I was nervous about the lifestyle change,” he says. “A regular paycheck can be pretty comforting.

        “I did it in April of '99 and I haven't looked back. No regrets,” says the 30something Walnut Hills comedian.

        His success, he says, is the material: “I write my own, a lot about relationships because we all have them. There's also a lot of Cincinnati — praising and bashing — especially the Pig Gig, Ken Griffey Jr. and Cincinnati cops. Don't get me started.”

[photo] Suzanne Albl after A Makeover Story
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        OK, we won't. Guess you gotta do Bananas for that.

        Dressing up: Where were we? Oh yeah, marveling at Suzanne Albl and the way she's going to look on TV, thanks to Soho, a Hyde Park boutique, and Salon LA.

        Albl, says Soho owner Catherine Hamilton, was selected by The Learning Channel for A Makeover Story, a 30-minute show wherein one subject gets the works, then goes to a gala.

        Albl wrote to the show, explaining she was 26 and a law student with a husband, a baby, a job and no time to spiff up.

        Makeover liked the challenge enough to send a crew to document her transformation.

        “She was spectacular,” Hamilton says. “She came in wearing jeans four sizes two big — she's a size 2 — and a floppy shirt. We went through several outfits and did a running critique for the crew before we settled.”

        On what? “A $700 Nicole Miller gown — spaghetti strap, full-length organza with silver and crystal drop earrings and necklace.

        “Salon LA redid her hair, taking it from a sort of mousy brown to strawberry blond. That, and a sophisticated makeup job and well, she's stunning.”

        The show airs in October.

        Feathered friends: So what, you were wondering, was that guy dressed as an owl doing driving around in a little green Miata convertible.

        Going to lunch, what else?

        Seems the University of Cincinnati Foundation had a going-away luncheon for mental health advocate Mike Fontana, who's headed to Wales to study law.

        Theme of the luncheon at Northside's Boca was feathers because, well, just because.

        One staffer took it to heart. That would be Michael Kinsel, director of foundation relations. He borrowed an owl costume — all 6-foot-1 of him — and had his friend drive him to lunch. Top down, waving all the way, frightening any number of people.

        Kinsel also wore it in to lunch so he could confuse the guests.

        Which he did.

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