Saturday, September 02, 2000

Ky. to hear Gore's 'worker' message

The Associated Press

        LOUISVILLE — Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore will cap a five-city Labor Day weekend campaign swing with his second visit to Kentucky this year.

        Mr. Gore will talk about working families and the nation's economic prosperity at a rally Monday night at the Louisville Motor Speedway, said Jonathan Beeton, a spokesman for the Gore campaign in Kentucky.

        Mr. Gore and his running mate, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, plan to campaign non-stop for 25 hours, beginning Sunday afternoon, while visiting working people on the job, Mr. Beeton said. The tour, dubbed “American Workathon,” will take Mr. Gore to Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida. Mr. Lieberman will not attend the rally in Louisville, but will make campaign stops elsewhere on Monday, Mr. Beeton said.

        Mr. Gore is to leave Pittsburgh about 3:20 p.m. Monday and arrive in Louisville about 4:35 p.m. He is to attend the rally at 6:15 p.m. and is tentatively scheduled to stay in Louisville over night, Mr. Beeton said.

        Mr. Gore's visit will come less than a week after Republican nominee George W. Bush appeared at Butler Traditional High School. Mr. Bush was making his second trip to Louisville in less than five weeks, and his fifth to Kentucky since the spring.

        Mr. Gore will be making his first visit to Kentucky since June, when he made an appearance in Lexington.


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