Tuesday, September 05, 2000

Firefighters adopt injured puppy

By Earnest Winston
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        HAMILTON — A charcoal-colored puppy that had apparently been abused by kids is receiving some love from city firefighters.

        Fire Chief Lyle Moore broke a fire department tradition of no pets at the fire house. He allowed firefighters to adopt the 8-week-old puppy at headquarters at Pershing and Front streets. The dog has been designated the department's mascot — a first.

        Now firefighters are holding a contest to name the dog. Butler County kids 12 and under should send their choice to the Hamilton Fire Department, 77 Pershing Ave. The winner will get to ride in a firetruck during the Butler County Fire Prevention Parade on Oct. 9, Entries, which should include a phone number, are due by Sept. 30.

        “They seem to have really taken him under their wing,” Chief Moore said.

        Two women brought the dog to the fire station Aug. 26, saying it had been burned with hot water and set on fire by neighborhood kids, the chief said. Police are investigating.

        Veterinarian Larry Baum treated the 7-pound puppy, a Labrador retriever and chow mix, free of charge.


        Firefighters now have the task of house-training the dog. When the puppy's not inside a cage, he's running around a fenced-in yard at the fire headquarters.


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