Tuesday, September 05, 2000

Pig Parade: e-piggy.com

Net pig virtually floats in the air

By Owen Findsen
The Cincinnati Enquirer

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        This is 129th in a series spotlighting pigs from the Big Pig Gig Public Art Project taking place in Cincinnati, Covington and Newport. Find past pig profiles and event details at www.cincinnati.com/bigpiggig

        There is a little piggy who isn't there. It floats weightlessly above Central Parkway as a symbol of the Internet.

        Artist: Anthony Becker, a painter and sculptor with a studio in the Pendleton Art Center.

        Sponsor: Taft, Stettinius & Hollister in support of Main Street Ventures.

        This pig's pen: The grassy median on Central Parkway at Main Street, the entrance to Cincinnati's “Digital Rhine.”

        You were inspired by: The Internet's worldwide impact, though it has no tangible, physical presence.

        What's the pig idea? I hand-built the pig from scratch rather than using the fiberglass pig. My pig is made of wire mesh to create a barely visible feeling of the “net.” The pig has the earth globe in his belly, which seems to be a good metaphor for how the Internet has affected our lives.

        You want people to look at this pig and think: I want people to realize that e-commerce Internet businesses are booming on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine.

        Completing the project took: I stopped counting after 100 hours.

        What's the matter? Wire. Bending and crimping it with pliers was very tedious and gave me a good case of tendinitis in my elbow.

        Your high on the hog was: Not having to work with fiberglass. I avoided sanding, priming and using a respirator mask.

        Pig peeve: I had to make my fragile pig safe from the public by placing it 8 feet up in the air on a steel lightning bolt base.

        Best pig tale: Someone managed to place a silver flower necklace in one of the pig's ears as an earring . . . a nice touch.

        The materials cost: $350.

        Do you consider this art or porkography? It's an exercise in problem solving.

        If your pig starred in a movie, who would you cast to play the role? Keanu Reeves.


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