Tuesday, September 05, 2000

Resources for older drivers, families

        Following are resources for family members and older drivers:

        • The American Association of Retired Persons offers an AARP 55 Alive Mature Driving Program, an improvement course for motorists age 50 and older. The program involves eight hours of classroom instruction intended to help older drivers improve their skills, while teaching them to avoid accidents and traffic violations. The program is open to members and non-members. Cost: $10. To locate classes, call (888) 227-7669.

        • www.aarp.org offers a Close Call Quiz, Test Your Driving IQ and Frequently Asked Questions About Driving.

        • Mercy Franciscan Hospital — Mount Airy offers the Mercy Health Partners Driver's Evaluation Program for patients recovering from significant injury or illness. Patients are tested for functional abilities to drive, such as range of motion, vision, reaction time, problem solving, decision making and memory. Depending on results, patients can progress through driving tests ranging from a driving simulator to behind-the-wheel testing in a parking lot to on-the-road testing. A valid Ohio driver's license and doctor's prescription for the evaluation are needed. 853-5211.

        • To find a list of alternative transportation sources, call Cincinnati Area Senior Services, 721-4330. The agency publishes “The Resource Guide for Older Adults and Their Families” ($8.95), which includes information on senior transportation. Also check with Senior Services of Northern Kentucky, 292-7968, or Clermont Senior Services, 724-1255.

        • The Alzheimer's Association Greater Cincinnati Chapter offers free consultations to family members faced with getting a person with Alzheimer's to stop driving. The association can facilitate referral of a person diagnosed with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia for a driving evaluation. Call 721-4284.

        • Supporting the Mature Driver: A Handbook for Friends, Family Members & Advisors (AgeQuest; $6.95) by Barbara Spreitzer-Berent. To purchase, call AgeQuest at (248) 547-4618.

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