Monday, September 18, 2000

Change will change things

By John Eckberg
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Michael O'Brien, owner of Executive Leadership Solutions in Wyoming thinks executives can expect a couple of things to happen when an organization tries to change.

        First, it will bring new patterns of learning, new habits and beliefs.

        Change also will physically change the brain by creating new neural pathways or learning patterns.

        Executives also must learn “to learn smarter,” that is, commit to time for reflection, observation and assessment.

        Jack J. Phillips, president of Jack Phillips Center for Research, a division of Franklin Covey, recommends companies measure the return on investment of new training because results can be unclear.

        Mr. Phillips, a specialist in the field, said companies such as Apple Computer, Verizon Communications, NCR and Shell Oil embrace return-on-investment analysis.

        The process can apply to a host of industries or fields, he said.


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