Monday, September 18, 2000

No myth: It's tough to keep workers

By Jerry Langdon
Gannett News Service

        Too many businesses believe in myths about employee turnover, said Richard S. Wellins, senior vice president of global consultants Development Dimensions International.

        “Far too many employers are ignoring valuable tools for keeping their best employees,” he said. “More important, many employers are still far away from truly understanding what makes employees stay and what lures them — or drives them — into the arms of another company.”

        Here are some of the myths, he said, that do the most to hamper employee retention efforts:

        • Myth: The retention problem is going away. Fact: Rather than going away, job turnover is going into overdrive. The DDI surveys show 31 percent of employees are dissatisfied or neutral about their jobs.

        • Myth: Companies are doing everything they can to keep employees. Fact: In the DDI survey, 98 percent of human resources professionals admitted their organizations needed to do better at employee retention. Only 44 percent said their organizations plan to overhaul the retention strategy in the upcoming year.

        • Myth: It's all about money. Fact: When employees ranked what was most important, money finished out of the money — it was only the fifth-most important value. The most important values were, in order, the ability to balance work and outside life, the meaningfulness of work, trust among employees and the employees' relationship with their supervisor or manager.


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