Monday, September 18, 2000

Worker's comp seminars offered

        Companies looking for insight into how workers' compensation rules can affect earnings are invited to a free seminar by TriHealth Corporate Health Services to review Ohio regulations.

        Seminars Tuesday at Bethesda Oak Medical Education and Research Building, 619 Oak St., will offer information about how to rein in factors that contribute to higher rates, said Andy Ruffner, workers' compensation account manager for TriHealth Corporate Health.

        The Blue Ash-based provider of corporate health services for employers will hold seminars at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. titled, “Don't Add Insult to Injury.”

        “In the past, the worker went for treatment and the bureau paid the provider with little oversight,” Mr. Ruffner said. “The bureau just paid bills.

        “Now we have managed-care organizations that medically manage treatment on behalf of the bureau.”

        Barbara Tomaselli, president of Hastings Group Inc., a Cleveland-based management consulting firm that specializes in workers' compensation and managed care, will speak about managed-care rules for workers' compensation.

        Dr. Douglas Linz, medical director for TriHealth Corporate Health Services, will also speak about how treatment facilities can help reduce rates by ensuring care that leads to a faster return to work.

        The seminars will show how missed work and injury rates can combine to create higher premiums for companies that may not surface for months after the incidents, Mr. Ruffner said.

        “That can result in thousands of dollars in premium increases that the company won't see until the bureau goes through their rating,” he said.

        “The employer may not see that for another year.”


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