Monday, September 18, 2000

You asked for it

Relief on way to Harrison

        QUESTION: There is no left-turn arrow, only a green light, at Harrison Avenue and eastbound Interstate 74. Only two or three vehicles are able to turn with each light change, and many of those run a red light. - Ron Baird, Green Township

        ANSWER: A Rybolt Road, Harrison Avenue and I-74 improvement project began this month. A left-turn arrow from Harrison to eastbound I-74 is planned, said Tom Langenbrunner of the Hamilton County Engineer's Office. The project also includes plans to widen Rybolt to al
low for a dedicated right-turn lane, a combined right-turn and through lane, and left-turn lane onto Harrison. All of the lights at the area will be synchronized for better traffic flow. The project will be completed within a year, he said.

        Q: Why is there no stoplight at Edwards and Wasson roads in Hyde Park? This causes delays and accidents when turning onto Edwards from Wasson. - Erica Pathe Hyde Park

        A: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the city plans to install a traffic signal at the intersection, but it must be timed with the railroad crossing lights to the south of the crossroads. Mr. Bailey said he expects the signal to be operating by Thanksgiving.

        Q. A few months ago, someone asked you why the light at Mount Hope Road is cycling instead of only changing when tripped. You replied that a construction crew broke the trip and would repair it. Now it appears the construction is complete on River Road, but the light at Mount Hope is still cycling. Will this be fixed? - Mike Wood Delhi Township

        A. Mr. Bailey said the contractor still has to install the sensor “and we are expediting that.” Paving must be finished first. Once the sensor is in place, the timing sequence will provide for more time for River Road traffic during rush hours before the light changes to green for Mount Hope motorists, he said.

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