Filmmakers go digital
In the movie-making world, the advent of low-cost, high-quality digital recording technology is rewriting all the rules.

New fall TV
Three-time Emmy-winner Michael Richards has his own show on NBC, but he's not Kramer this time. Let's get that straight now, OK?

Tempo Headlines for  Sunday, October 22, 2000

New & Noted
        It's a bigger seller than CDs that feature Broadway musicals or Hollywood's greatest hits. From the sound of Viennafest, the Cincinnati Pops' newest foray into the world of waltzes, marches and polkas could be as successful as its best-selling Ein Straussfest albums I and II.

KNIPPENBERG: Writer's break is no mystery
        This morning's mystery isn't a whodunnit, it's a whereishe? As in Harry Stoner.

KENDRICK: Alive and well
        Whether you're at a neighborhood party or hanging around the coffee pot at work, chances are that someone will make a comment about a recently viewed movie or television program. Part of “fitting in” and being part of our culture is to “get it” when such allusions occur.

Art review
        Visitors to the Contemporary Arts Center are flying and scooting around the room, spacing out in a laser show, throwing balls, playing Ping-Pong, throwing pillows at each other and ducking a propeller-driven flying plant.

DAUGHERTY: Don't count out Jerry when voting for president
        Voting for president should be an intellectual choice, but who has time for intellect? It's emotional. It comes down to a feeling. I like one guy more than the other. I'm more comfortable with him.

Locals cited at bluegrass awards show
        Musician/journalist Jon Weisberger and longtime country disc jockey Paul “Moon” Mullins were the local winners at the 2000 International Bluegrass Music Association Awards, held Thursday in Louisville.

More 'Potter' magic ahead
        Harry Potter fans, don't hold your breath waiting for book five. There is no deadline for the next book in the best-selling fiction series and no publication date yet either, according to author J.K. Rowling. “I want to take my time with it and make it as good as I want to make it.”

Rockettes kick up holiday ticket sales
        All Rockettes all the time, that's what Cincinnati's getting for Christmas.

Theater review
        It is quite challenging for a brand new professional theater company to start off by producing a large musical. It's even more challenging — perhaps a bit crazy — to begin with a Stephen Sondheim musical.

Pig Parade / Freedom Pig - Pig In A Blanket

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