A fearful reality hits home again
        For the second time in as many days, township firefighters came face-to-face Thursday with one of the hazards of their jobs.

Fee on support checks waived
        Bank One announced Thursday it will stop charging $3 fees to single parents who cash child-support checks.

Local Headlines for  Friday, March 09, 2001

Ballpark passes fan's test
        A tiny Great American Ball Park passed the test against a fan blowing into a wind tunnel.

Bidding to care for poor urged
        Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes would like to see county hospitals bidding against one another for the right to provide health care to the poor.

Much is riding on reading exam
        Brittany Hibbart and Careze Mizell are getting ready to take Monday's big reading test.

RADEL: Another fine mess
        Suppose you were a Bengals fan. And suppose you were a sucker.

WELLS: Race in the city
        Racial profiling is such a nice term. It sounds more like a form of social science rather than the illegal act that it is.

YMCA will expand criminal background checks
        The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati requires criminal background checks for child-care employees. Now it's moving to expand that to all employees and volunteers after a part-time employee was found listed on the Hamilton County sex offender registry.

Road price goes up $33M
        HAMILTON — To further prime development in Butler County, officials would like to realign, widen and extend Ohio 63. The problem: It will cost $33 million more than previously estimated, county commissioners were told Thursday.

$200K to go to planned clinic
        HAMILTON — The funding pieces for the new health clinic here are swiftly coming together.

Band's fans fight police evacuation
        SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. — Skirmishes erupted between fans of Insane Clown Posse and police when authorities evacuated the band's concert venue because of a bomb threat.

Campbell Co. parents asked about starting school later
        ALEXANDRIA — Campbell County Schools is considering changing its starting times next fall.

Clown club comes calling
        Sometimes, funny guys with multicolored hair, bright baggy outfits and big floppy shoes are the best medicine.

Engineer staff has contract
        HAMILTON — The Butler County Engineer's employees have ratified a new contract, ending eight months of legal battles over the so-called “sweetheart deal” proposed by the former engineer.

Former French teacher sues Madeira schools
        A teacher who resigned from Madeira High School after racial slurs were written on his blackboard and left on his voice mail says in a lawsuit that school officials failed to protect him from harassment.

Guns seized by feds bought at city auction
        LOUISVILLE — Six guns purchased by undercover federal agents during an investigation into illegal firearms sales had been sold at a state-mandated gun auction, federal agents said.

Ky. to tap rainy-day fund in face of $91M shortfall
        FRANKFORT — A brief bump in the state's economy has put a $91 million hole in the General Fund, which will prompt the state to dip into its savings account this fiscal year.

Lucas backs Bush's tax cut
        WASHINGTON — Rep. Ken Lucas was one of 10 Democrats to break with their party Thursday and support the first installment of President Bush's $1.6 trillion tax package.

Ludlow pumped over gas station
        LUDLOW — After six years, residents of this tiny Ohio River town have no more excuses for running on empty.

Next grand design: Jellyfish
        HIGHLAND HEIGHTS — Jellyfish have never had it so good as when they're in Sherry Tippey's hands.

Patton supports hoops arena in Louisville
        LOUISVILLE — Gov. Paul Patton said it is time for Louisville to build an arena for a National Basketball Association team and the University of Louisville men's team.

Sarakatsannis guilty of felony
        NEWPORT — Phillip Sarakatsannis entered a guilty plea in Campbell Circuit Court on Thursday to a felony charge for failing to care for his late mother and was placed in a diversion program after his five-year sentence was shifted from jail to probation.

Sayler Park residents can talk to Corps about cement plant
        The Army Corps of Engineers will hold a public hearing April 19 on a plan to build a cement plant in Sayler Park.

Schools plan questioned
        Cincinnati Public Schools' superintendent and his staff need to provide more details on new facility changes announced Thursday for 12 schools, a Board of Education committee said.

Sex ed on agency agenda
        EDGEWOOD — A call to remove birth control pills and other contraceptives from the region's health clinics will not be discussed at a March 28 public hearing.

T-shirt lawsuit can continue
        A federal appeals court on Thursday reinstated a lawsuit by two Kentucky teen-agers who were suspended from school for wearing country music concert shirts that depicted the Confederate flag.

Tristate students face charges over threats of violence
        Students in Hamilton and Butler counties were charged by police Thursday after incidents involving threats of violence.

UK blames Bassett for violations
        LEXINGTON — University of Kentucky officials say Hal Mumme's superiors are not at fault for the controversy that has surrounded the football program.

Welfare-to-work hopes raised
        A group of about 25 women sat dressed in business attire Thursday at the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati with hopes of landing a job.

Woman accused of trying to have sex with girl, 15
        A 22-year-old Richmond, Va., woman was arrested Thursday after authorities allege she brought a 15-year-old girl she met on the Internet to Cincinnati for sex.

Kentucky News Briefs

Tristate A.M. Report

S U N D A Y   S P O T L I G H T
Tristate divided by race
        Poor race relations is one of the biggest problems facing Greater Cincinnati, limiting opportunities today and threatening the region's future, an influential group of Tristate leaders says.
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