Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Ann-Margret, cast still on the town

        Hmmm, considering she's one of the world's most recognizable women, Ann-Margret was still determined to get out and about in the last two weeks during the Cincinnati run of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

        Last Thursday, she, friend and designer Jerry Miller and four buddies lunched at Lebanon's Golden Lamb.

        In the main dining room, mind you, where she had a shrimp Caesar she couldn't finish.

        “She was gracious and wonderful. She could have stood there and said nothing, but she was so friendly,” says Lamb manager Paul Resetar.

        Not many customers recognized her, probably because of the big sunglasses and hat covering most of her face.

        That evening, Thursday was party day we guess, co-star Gary Sandy hosted a cast party at Eddie Shepphard's Mt. Adams Bar and Grill and Blind Lemon.

        “Gary called six or so weeks ago and said he kind of thinks of this as his home town and that he wanted to treat the cast,” says Eddie's wife, Pat.

        “We served an array of appetizers — wings, bangers, ravioli — and boy, can they eat. Gary said, "Just keep bringing more.'

        “And Ann-Margret, she was every inch the movie star with a scarf around her head and neck, a fur and big sun glasses.

        “But you know, every head in the bar turned, she chatted and was really friendly even though she didn't have to be.”

        The party was also a sort of homecoming. Dennis Crowley, press rep traveling with the show, is a local who kind of grew up down the street: Dad David Crowley owns Crowley's Pub.

        He went down after awhile — took Ann-Margret with him — and visited while the cast hung out at the Blind Lemon 'til last call.

        Royalty: Well for goodness sakes, looks like Lisa Marie Miree has herself a new tiara.

        She's the Channel 9 producer who was crowned Miss Black Cincinnati 2000 last year and has spent her reign making appearances to promote celibacy among umarried teens.

        Wellsir, her stage just got bigger: She was crowned Miss Black USA last week in Birmingham, Ala.

        “There were 12 finalists, all state contest winners,” Miree says. “It's going to be a juggling act for me, because of my job and the personal appearance schedule, but I'm convinced nothing but good can come of this.

        “I'm going to be making a lot of trips to D.C. to network and lobby national leaders on my platform, plus other appearances that go with the title.”

        Perks, too. There's a scholarship to use when she's ready — she has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in international affairs — for a doctorate in intercultural communication. There's also a 2.7 carat diamond ring, diamond watch, clothes and a cash award.

        “But the wonderful thing is the national audience it gives my platform ... real leverage to get things done.”

        The 24-year-old Forest Park resident is also a vocalist, pianist, dancer and author with three books in the works.


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