Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Suspect's statement OK for trial

The Associated Press

        LEXINGTON — Most of the statements Shane Ragland made to police can be used at his trial on charges that he killed University of Kentucky football player Trent DiGiuro, a judge ruled.

        Mr. Ragland was arrested in July and was properly read his rights, Fayette Circuit Judge Thomas Clark ruled.

        Mr. DiGiuro was shot in the head at a party celebrating his 21st birthday in July 1994. Mr. Ragland is charged with murder and scheduled for trial Aug. 6.

        Mr. Ragland's lawyers argued that police interviewed Mr. Ragland before they read him his Miranda rights, did not read his rights properly and then continued the interview after Mr. Ragland asked for a lawyer.

        But Judge Clark ruled that most of Mr. Ragland's statements could be admitted. In the 1 1/2-hour interview with Lexington police Detective Don Evans and Sgt. Mark Barnard, Mr. Ragland denied being involved in the slaying.

        Police say that during the interview, Mr. Ragland lied about his whereabouts the morning of the murder, about his access to the type of weapon used and about whether he lived down the street from Mr. DiGiuro.

        Judge Clark, in his ruling, said a small portion at the beginning of the interview, which ran for 63 typewritten pages, must be excluded because it came before Mr. Ragland was read his rights. Judge Clark said much of that discussion centered on Mr. Ragland's physical and emotional well-being in an effort to determine whether to conduct the interview.


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