Monday, October 29, 2001

Good News: Cancer campaign continues

        Cancer awareness will extend into November with nationwide workshops to educate women about breast cancer.

        Cincinnati will be included in a 17-city breast cancer education campaign from 7-9 p.m., Nov. 2 at the Cincinnati Bible Way Church, 5103 Chapman Ave., Madisonville.

        The workshops are sponsored by the Celebrating Life Foundation.

        “The workshops offer women with breast cancer an opportunity to learn about the latest treatment options and discuss their questions with a physician,” said Michelle Ward, workshop coordinator.

        During the workshops, physicians will discuss treatment options for early-stage breast cancer and post-operative therapies.

        Doctors will also discuss new treatment methods.

        The workshops are free. Registration is required. To register, call (800) 356-3162.

        The American Cancer Society's Discovery Shop, 4081 E. Galbraith Road, Deer Park, is always in need of donated items.

        Proceeds from merchandise sales are used to provide funding necessary for cancer research and education.

        Last years' sales totaled more than $18,000.

        JoEllen Jones, co-manager, said the shop accepts clothing, small furniture, collectibles, chinaware, jewelry, shoes and floral arrangements.

        “We have been thrilled with the public response,” she said. “Volunteers are always needed.”

        For more information, call (513) 891-8343.

        The United Way campaign officially closed Friday with many more reports on fund-raising to be counted.

        The campaign actually exceeded its goal of $60,050,000 by $5,000. Projections, however, were that it would not because of funds going to disaster relief since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

        Donations will still be accepted after the close of the campaign, said Carol Aquino, vice president of communications.

        “Some companies don't start their campaign until next month,” she said.

        At least one company is planning a special benefit for United Way.

        Clay Morehead, sales manager for Laser Web, 7285 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, said they are planning to donate all sales on Dec. 15 to United Way.

        “We usually have birthday parties and corporate events here,” Mr. Morehead said.

        “Saturdays are usually our biggest days. We decided to help United Way because we heard that donations are down this year.”

        Mr. Morehead said they usually have about 4,000 customers on a Saturday, but would hope to double that on the special day for United Way.

        “This is very positive and we welcome any contributions,” Ms Aquino said.

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