Sunday, November 18, 2001

Two cities take pride in name of high school

Now & Then

By Gene Franzen
Enquirer Contributor

        Don't make the mistake of referring to Lloyd Memorial High School as “Erlanger Lloyd.”

[photo] Lloyd Memorial High School was named after John Uri Lloyd, a pharmaceutical pioneer who lived in Florence.
(Patrick Reddy photo)
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        When the cities of Elsmere and Erlanger merged school districts in 1928, a new high school was built to accommodate both towns. It was named in honor of John Uri Lloyd.

        Mr. Lloyd (1849-1936) was a resident of nearby Florence, and one of America's pharmaceutical pioneers, specializing in the use of plant extracts in treating patients. He was a renowned author, and published eight scientific books, and eight works of fiction.

        His popular Stringtown on the Pike, a collection of colorful stories about Northern Kentucky and Florence folklore, drew national attention.

        Professor Lloyd donated money and books to the new school andestablished a trust fund that presents a gold medallion to an outstanding senior student each year. In 1948, six civic-minded citizens loaned the school board $25,000 to purchase land for a new high school. A plaque honoring the six donors is mounted in the new school.

        In 1956, Lloyd High School made national news when it became one of the first schools in the country to desegregate. The integration went so smoothly the school was featured in a Life magazine article spotlighting its success.

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