Sunday, December 16, 2001

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Comair's Weekend Traveler gone for good

        Many Tristate travelers have continued to ask whether Erlanger-based regional airline Comair would bring back its popular “Weekend Traveler” program of inexpensive weekend-ticket vouchers.

        In a word, no.

        “The Weekend Traveler is indeed gone, and it will not be coming back,” Comair spokesman Nick Miller said Tuesday. . “This is an issue that has essentially been put to rest in our perspective.”

        Comair, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, axed the program in May as a cost-cutting move during an 89-day pilot strike that shut down the airline.

        The Weekend Traveler program, created in 1989, was extremely popular in the Tristate, the only area it was offered. In 2000, the company sold $3 million worth of the discount-voucher booklets at $315 apiece. Each included four one-way vouchers, the equivalent of two round-trip tickets.

        The program, which focused on weekend leisure travelers, is even more unlikely to come back in the current climate — with demand for weekday business travel drastically off because of the Sept. 11 attacks.

        Mr. Miller pointed out that Delta uses Comair flights for many of its e-fares offered for short-notice weekend travel.

— James Pilcher

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