Sunday, December 30, 2001

Best movies of 2001

Filmmakers saved best for last

        For a movie year that looked so bleak for so long, 2001 ended with a fistful of strong contenders that made compiling a top 10 list a challenge.

        Following are my choices for the year's most memorable films:

        1. Memento — Utterly original, deeply inventive, thoroughly fascinating.

        2. A Beautiful Mind — Compassionate, insightful, gloriously well made. The best of what movies can do.

        3. Ali — Recent history, sports and a monumental personality in one thrilling package.

        4. The Fellowship of the Ring — All fantasies aim to take us back to childhood. This one really does the trick.

        5. Monsters, Inc — High-tech bells and whistles put to proper use, in service of a hilarious story.

        6. Ghost World — The only film to simultaneously capture the mind of a disaffected teen-ager and the aesthetic of R. Crumb in live action.

        7. Waking Life — One-of-a-kind, outside-the-box filmmaking, a treat for the eyes and the mind.

        8. Spy Kids — Who ever guessed a movie made for kids could be so irresistibly hip?

        9. Amelie — The year's most inventive romance in any language.

        10. Lantana — The Australians come through again in a searing, intimate mystery.

        Bonus tracks:

        Best reinvention of the musical: Moulin Rouge

        Best criminal caper flick: Sexy Beast

        Best import you won't see until 2002: No Man's Land

        Best R-rated surprise in Spanish: Amores Perros

        Best non-Monsters, Inc. animated comedy: Shrek

        Best romantic comedy: Bridget Jones's Diary

        Best surprise hits: The Fast and the Furious; Legally Blonde

        Best re-release: Apocalypse Now Redux

        Best use of a heroic star playing against type: Training Day

        Best critic's favorite despised by audiences: Mulholland Drive.


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