Monday, December 31, 2001

Morning Memo

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        Today's Number: 24 - Median number of months of salary thatchief executive officers at large corporations typically receive as severance, with health and dental benefits continuing throughout that period, according to a survey by Lee Hecht Harrison career services.

        Today's Career Advice: If you are thinking about looking for a job or — better yet — looking for a job, consider something different, a new approach, for your resume. Richard N. Bolles in What Color is Your Parachute cautions that it never hurts to be dramatically different in your approach. Consider adding a picture, for example. And assume that whoever receives your resume will not appreciate it. “To some employers, all resumes are death. They hate them,” he found.

        Today's Money Tip: So you've decided to pay off some debt. But which debt? Start with the one bearing the highest interest, especially if it's not deductible. Credit cards and car loans typically fall into this category. Be careful, though, not to leave too much on a credit card or charge account with an introductory low interest rate. The rate typically skyrockets after the introductory period, and for store credit, could be retroactive to the date of purchase.

        Today's Company: Gentile Brothers Co.

        ON THE WATER: The founders of this company came down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh and established an import/distribution business on the Cincinnati riverfront 135 years ago. Gentile Brothers remained a riverfront fixture until recently, when construction of the Paul Brown Stadium necessitated relocation.

        IN THE AIR: No longer limited to shipping via the Ohio River, Gentile Brothers imports exotic flowers and produce from all over the world. Everything from Hawaiian pineapples to Spanish peppers is flown in to the Cincinnati/Northern KentuckyInternational Airport. Items are packaged, repackaged or otherwise distributed from Gentile Brothers' 70,000 square-foot plant in Woodlawn.

        IN STORES EVERYWHERE: Gentile Brothers' most popular produce? Tomatoes and bananas. Favorite floral import? Dutch Easter lilies.

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