Wednesday, January 16, 2002

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Today's Number: 46

        Percentage of Americans believing that most of the money in an economic stimulus bill should be used for increased government spending, according to a recent Gallup Poll. Forty-one percent favored tax cuts.

Today's Mover

        Christopher Baucom has been appointed private equity investment manager at Fort Washington Investment Advisors Inc. Mr. Baucom is responsible for investment selection and analysis and relationship management. He joined the company in 2001 as investment manager. He graduated from North Carolina State University and the University of Chicago.

— Shirley Dees

Today's Career Advice

        Always seek long-term projects, suggests Scott Adams in The Dilbert Principle. “You can easily hide your laziness when you're associated with a long-range project,” he says. “There's always another day to do the stuff you don't do today, and, realistically, the project will probably get canceled or altered beyond recognition anyway — so there's no harm done if you don't do your part. Avoid short-term projects at all costs. They're trouble. People expect results. There are deadlines. You don't need that hassle.”

— John Eckberg

Today's Money Tip

        Direct purchase plans allow you to buy stock directly from the company issuing the stock. One advantage is that the plans don't levy the typical sales commission, especially if you buy more stock with the investment dividends. A disadvantage could be high “administrative fees” and other restrictions.

— Amy Higgins

Today's Company Kissel Bros. Shows

        A Moveable Fest: Since 1932 the Kissel family has taken its shows on the road throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky. The company owns and operates about 30 mobile rides as well as games and food concessions. From mid-April to late October each year, Kissel Bros. provides amusements for church festivals, county fairs and other special events. Headquartered in White Oak, the company maintains its equipment at a 10,000-square-foot facility in Miamitown.

        Portable Power: Shows are powered by five mobile generators that produce more than a million kilowatts of electricity.

        Screen Star: Kissel Bros. trucked a midway of rides, games and food booths to Virginia Beach, Va., for the filming of Hearts in Atlantis, a movie based on the Stephen King novel.

— Jenny Callison


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