Sunday, January 27, 2002

Enquirer to examine personal finance

Report is guide through turbulent waters

By Amy Higgins
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        The U.S. economy is in its first recession in 10 years. Investors are seeing the worst stock market in almost 30 years. Once-high-flying stocks have tanked — and once-promising companies have filed for bankruptcy.

        When it will all turn around seems to be anyone's guess.

        But in the meantime, you still need to finance your own retirement, your kids' college and maybe even your daily expenses. Every account statement tinged with red ink makes it tougher.

        You need help.

        Next Sunday's business section will be a departure from the features that the Enquirer regularly offers its readers. Just for next Sunday, the section will present a special report — Surviving tough times: Personal finance tips in an uncertain economy.

        Cover-to-cover investing. Top-to-bottom finance.

        “Now more than ever, consumers and investors need smart advice about their money,” Richard A. Green, assistant managing editor for local and business news, said. “This will be a yearlong effort to offer practical advice in uncertain times.”

        Next Sunday's business section will include articles about how to:

        • Navigate the bear market stress-free.

        • Decide which college-funding plan to use.

        • Choose between term and whole life-insurance plans.

        • Set up IRA withdrawals so the money lasts.

        • Face financial planning if you find yourself suddenly single because of a divorce or death of a spouse.

        Send suggestions or questions to Amy Higgins at

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