Monday, January 28, 2002

Morning Memo

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        Today's Number: 54 - Percentage of people who exclusively work at home who are women, according to a recent Census Bureau study.

        Today's Career Talk: More than 40 million Americans work at home at least some of the time and the number is sure to grow as the information superhighway now has an exit almost everywhere. As a general rule of thumb, accountants have always cautioned against using home-office deductions because it will bring an audit from the Internal Revenue Service. “But there are no statistics to show that this is true,” claims Barbara Weltoman in New Rules for Small Business Taxes. “If you meet the test and have proof of your expenses, you have nothing to fear.”

        Today's Money Tip: Don't rely solely on a hot investment tip you overhear or read somewhere. Do your own homework. First, consider the source. Is it reliable and credible? Also, pay attention to the language of the promotion: Stay away from those promising to be “risk-free” or to have a “guaranteed return.” Best case, it's a legitimate investment but subject to all the bear-market perils. Worst case, it's a just scam.

        Today's Company: CEOTRAK Media Inc.

        ONE-STOP SHOP: During the past year, this Blue Ash startup has developed a Web portal aimed at senior executives and other busy professionals who want one online source for news, business, travel and shopping information. The home page has links to many specialized areas, which are updated daily by CEOTrak editors.

        TRAVEL ADVISORY: The company recently launched a new information category: time, weather and travel. CEOTRAK combines online travel updates from such sources as Expedia and Travelocity, coupled with real-time travel, weather and destination details from a wide variety of information outlets around the globe.

        SCREEN SHOPPING: CEOTrak users often like to do their shopping online. Currently the company proffers the products of 250 retailers in its cyberstore.

        COMING SOON: The portal will provide information on available top-tier job opportunities.


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