Monday, January 28, 2002

In My Life

Life's scrapbook stuck on the fridge

By Missie McKendrick
Enquirer contributor

        My husband will tell you I am a hopeless romantic. I was doing my daily run-through of house cleaning the other day when I came upon the refrigerator. You know, that collector of all things paper and magnetic. As I went to open the refrigerator, I thought, “You should really clean this off.” So I went about removing items.

        There was the photo of my son, Alex, and his playmate, dressed up in old clothes and tablecloths. His friend's mom took their picture, looking goofy. Now how could I put that away and not see it every day?

        There was the one of Alex and his cousin, Sammy, taken on grandma and grandpa's front porch one warm summer day. Looking at it, I recalled how I used to sit on that front porch swing a on a warm summer day. How many more moments like that will we have with them?

Precious moments

        There's the one that a friend took many years ago. Alex has a smile that fills the photo. He's about four but it was taken at a major changing point in our lives. Looking at it reminds me that we are strong.

        There's one that his third-grade teacher took on his last day of school. He's in fifth grade now, but somehow that look in his eye conveyed that this was the last day of school before summer vacation, and we had just put in a swimming pool — what anticipation!

        But photos are not the only thing that I save.

        There was the Jim Borgman cartoon dated Sept. 17, 2001. You know, the one of the father holding his daughter as she sleeps. What parent did not have that feeling in those days following 9-11 and what parent still doesn't sneak into their children's rooms, just to be sure.

A treasured comic

        But the one that I will forever treasure is 11 years old. It's a '"For Better or For Worse”comic from March 10, 1991. A pregnant mom is lamenting her condition. When her daughter asks why nature makes having a baby so difficult, the mother's answer just tore me apart. “Because the things you treasure most are the things you've worked hardest for.” I was 11 days from giving birth to Alex.

        The walk through the past made me realize a few things I had taken for granted. I resolved to treasure every moment I have with my parents, and build stronger relationships with my brothers and sisters. I willcontinue to tell Alex, my husband and my stepsons that I love and cherish them.

        And our fridge will remain covered with goofy photos and torn out comic strips that hit where it counts — the heart.

        Missie McKenrick Myers, 40, lives with her husband, Gary, and their son, Alex, in West Chester.

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