Tuesday, January 29, 2002

What Tristaters are reading

        • Pete Delkus, WCPO-TV (Channel 9) meteorologist:

        Lewis & Clark: Voyage of Discovery by Stephen E. Ambrose (National Geographic Society; $35).

        “Stephen Ambrose tells their story with such passion and detail that you feel as though you were right there navigating the Missouri River with them. His writing is coupled with breathtaking pictures from National Geographic photographer Sam Abell.

        “The book retraces the steps of Lewis & Clark as they traveled by foot, boat or horseback through the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains and to the Pacific Ocean and back. It's the greatest hunting, fishing and camping trip story I've ever read!”

        • Chris O'Brien, Morning disc jockey on WGRR-FM (Oldies 103.5):

        Few and Chosen by Whitey Ford and Phil Pepe (Triumph Books; $27.95).

        “When I was growing up in South Carolina, we had no major-league baseball team in the South — the Braves had yet to move from Milwaukee to Atlanta — so most of us kids were Yankees fans. Whitey Ford was left-handed like me (and a great pitcher!).

        “In the book, Whitey ranks the top Yankee players and managers of all time with humor, anecdotes and down-to-earth writing. It makes me long for the days when I would take a perfectly good white T-shirt and put the Yankee logo on the front and Whitey's No. 16 on the back — with black shoe polish! Mom loved that.”


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