Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Smart mouth

You heard it here first

By Chuck Martin
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Just In

        New American spirit: They're slipping soy into just about everything these days, trying to convince us the milk, cookies, cereal and other food products are more healthy. The producers of 3 Vodka in Chicago make no health claims, though. They say the added soy makes their vodka smoother. We're not sure about smoothness, but at least 3 Vodka tastes better than soy milk. Available at Ohio liquor stores for about $24.99 per 750 ml.

Market Scan

        Look for mangoes with unblemished, yellow skin blushed with red. Ripen the fruit in a paper bag at room temperature. Once ripe, hold mangoes in a plastic bag in refrigerator up to five days. Peel skin and cut golden orange flesh away from flat, oblong seed. Toss mangoes into fruit salads, bake or serve fresh as dessert and whir into yogurt for refreshing Indian lassi drinks.

Sip This

        Weihenstephaner Korbinian ($2.50): One of the few lagers that truly belongs in the “winter warmers” category. Dark brown, with a full, malty aroma and an intense flavor profile from its distinctive Munich malt. A very strong (barely legal in Ohio) doppelbock from Germany's oldest brewery, and well worth looking for.

— Ed Westemeier

Tube Food

        The chef prepares Turkey Tostados, guacamole and other football snacks on Cooking Live with Sara Moulton, 7 p.m., tonight, on the Food Network.

Hot Date

        David Warda prepares Yogurt, Spinach and Pepper Soup, Fruit Stuffed Roast Chicken and other “warming foods” for a class 6:30-9:30 p.m., Monday at Jungle Jim's Market School of Cooking in Fairfield. $40. 674-6059. Today's Chat

What's the weirdest Jell-O creation you've ever seen or eaten? Mary Jo Spiegel, The Saucy Cook, helps kick off national “Jell-O Month” by answering your questions about the popular squiggly gelatin, 12:30-1 p.m. today at Cincinnati.Com


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