Sunday, February 10, 2002

Mason High School rules revised

Committee discards 9 of 17 regulations

By Sarah Buehrle
Enquirer Contributor

        MASON — Proposed rule changes for Mason High School that caused student and community controversy have been revised.

        An 18-member committee met several times after a series of forums with students and parents during January and released its recommendations last week. The committee, made up of six representative parents, six staff members and and six students, was formed after the forums.

        Principal Gerald Cox said that the committee's recommendations would be adopted, and would be enforced as soon as he can address the student body. He hadn't set a date yet.

        The controversy began when Mr. Cox told staff members in December of proposed changes. Some students were upset they hadn't been informed of the changes, and many felt some of the proposals were too strict or unnecessary.

        Though the committee discarded nine of the 17 rules addressed in the proposed changes, Mr. Cox feels that the process was beneficial.

        “I am very happy with the involvement by all members of the educational community,” Mr. Cox said. “Anytime you talk about moving your school from where you are to a point along a continuum, you can count that as a success.”

        “I think one of the main goals was to get some of the (previous) rules enforced, and I think that's happening,” Mason senior and committee member Michael Tedford said.

        Among the proposed changes discarded by the committee were changing hallway traffic to one direction per hallway, more than doubling parking pass fees, and a requirement that students know the school song.

        School dress code, a hotly debated topic at Jan. 10 public forum, also will remain the same except for the additional rule that students cannot wear wallet or dangling chains. Principal Cox has final say on individual dress code questions. Among rules to be enforced will be restricting students' food to the cafeteria and restrictions on electronic devices.

        “Mr. Cox has been very open, not only in the forums, but e-mails and phone calls,” Sheryl Short, mother of a Mason senior, said. “If you wanted to say something, you had the opportunity.”


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