Saturday, February 16, 2002

Fresh produce feeds down-to-earth feelings

By Peg St. Clair
Enqurier contributor

        One reason I choose to work out of my home is that I have the flexibility and time to buy fresh produce and cook daily for my family. Almost every night we eat by candlelight. I am energized and strengthened by this ritual. It helps me feel grounded and healthy.

   Those who want to eat “real food” may want to be a part of a community garden. Contact Peg St. Clair at to find out where community gardens are and how you can get involved.
        My friend Maggie Green and I share this passion. Mrs. Green was born and reared in Lexington, one of eight children. Mrs. Green felt connected to her maternal grandmother and mother through their cooking, she says.

        “My mother made an effort to always have "real food' for her family, and now as a mother myself, I really appreciate her efforts: to serve fresh vegetables and fruits with every meal, a home-cooked meal every night and visits to the local farmers' market whenever possible. Eating fast food was a real treat — it probably happened only twice a year.”

        After earning a degree in food and nutrition, Mrs. Green worked in clinical and community nutrition jobs. While the food service director at a retirement center, she felt calledžto do something more for her family, community and herself. Something that involved real food.

        Mrs. Green enrolled in chef school and fulfilled a dream. But this was only the beginning. After opening the Green Apron Co., a culinary and nutrition business in Fort Wright, in 1995, she became a personal chef for professional athletes, business people and families in Greater Cincinnati.

        She also became involved in the Cincinnati chapter of Chef's Collaborative, a group that works to promote regional sustainable agriculture. In the summer of 2000, Mrs. Green started the Greater Cincinnati Grower and Chef Hotline (557-2197), a link between chefs and growers and producers of food.

        Now as the mother of three young children, Mrs. Green works part time with Kremer's Market in Crescent Springs, coordinating and teaching cooking classes. In addition, she tests and develops recipes and edits cookbooks for Ethan Becker, who has continued his family's legacy in Joy of Cooking. You can meet Mrs. Green, other chefs and members of the Cincinnati Chili Pepper Club at the Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park 10 a.m.-5 p.m. today and enjoy free food tastings and cooking classes. See for a schedule or call the Krohn Conservatory, 421-5707.
        Contact Peg St. Clair by phone: 541-4680; Web site:


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