Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Real Style

Former firefighter touts 'ladylike' ensembles

By Joy Kraft jkraft@enquirer.com
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Jeannete Steiner
(Joseph Fuqua II photo)
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        Jeanette Steiner of Fairfield was a firefighter for seven years in Aurora, Ind., a decidedly unladylike profession for someone who is partial to silk, grew up in the South and believes in “going for it, but always looking like a lady while doing it.”

        In her present job as a recruiter at Hilltop Research in Miamiville, the 58-year-old divorced mother of two grown children “delights her co-workers with a unique outfit carefully crafted from head to toe,” according to nominator Lauri Rotella.

        Fashion philosophy: Have fun. Be colorful ... and always be ladylike. My mother would haunt me if I didn't.

        You can be found shopping at: Added Dimensions. I am full-figured and I've done a lot of shopping on the Home Shopping network.

        Favorite designers: I love Diane Gilman's clothes. She has lots of silk, and I love silk. I don't go as much for a name as I do for a classic look that won't go out of style.

        Signature style: Silky, flowing pantsuits with lots of color. I love lavender and reds and blues.

        Best bargain: I was in New York City on a job and went to a shoe store ... that sold shoes models have worn in shows. I bought a pair of ostrich shoes for $2.49 each and later saw them in a catalog for $1,600.

        Earliest fashion memory: A black silk long-sleeved, scoop neck, backless evening gown I wore to a NATO party in Germany, where my then-husband was stationed. It had red, green, yellow and blue diagonal stripes at the bottom. I felt like a million dollars in that dress. I think I still have it somewhere.

        You are never without: My dad's Masonic ring.

        You wouldn't be caught dead in: A miniskirt. It's my southern upbringing I think. Even in my thin days I just couldn't do it.

        If you had big bucks: I would probably treat myself to one of those little bags by Judith Lieber.

        Your favorite finishing touch: Some lovely perfume — Paloma Picasso.

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