Thursday, May 02, 2002

Knip's Eye View

Initial Skyline customer first again

        Going to prove once again, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Skyline Chili, for example.

        The first customer at the first store — the Glenway Avenue joint — way the heck back in 1949 was one Alex Chaldekas, a friend and fellow countryman of Greek founder Nicholas Lambrinides. Chaldekas' bill was, gasp, 20 cents.

        He paid with a $1 bill, which he signed and told Lambrinides to keep for good luck. Which he did. That dollar now lives in Florida with Lambrinides' son, Christie.

        Meanwhile, back in Cincinnati, Nick's grandson John last week presided over the closing of the original store and opening of a new one at 3714 Warsaw Ave.

        His first customer at the new place? None other than Chaldekas — at a VIP ceremony the night before the opening.

        It's unclear whether he left a good luck dollar, but there's no doubt that first one worked magic: Today there are 127 Skylines in four states.

        Gee-haw: So you were wondering what on Earth arts activist and philanthropist Joni Herschede is doing walking around in a cowboy hat, armed with a cowboy boot converted into a bird cage. And threatening to buy hot pants, we might add.

        Turns out she's drumming up business for an Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati benefit she's co-chairing with artsy pal Sara Vance.

        The Western regalia, her friend Joyce Re says, is because the benefit includes a performance of Cowgirls (see story, Page E3), the whacky play where a ditzy bar owner thinks she's booking the country trio Cowgirls, but instead books the classical trio Coghills, thereby confusing the daylights out of the good ol' boys.

        Anyway, a group of local women, headed by Herschede, always does a spring benefit at ETC that involves lunch at the Cincinnati Art Museum and a bus ride downtown to the show. This year's do is Monday and costs $75; 421-3555 for info.

        Touch-up: Not that any of us need wrinkle control, but for those fading souls who do, Cincinnati is catching up with the rest of the world. Meaning a bunch of botox parties — champagne, munchies and socializing before getting a shot of botox to smooth the lines.

        Wellsir, turns out Dr. Jon Mendelsohn at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center is joining the coastal trend. His Botox and Brunch sessions (mimosas and pastry included) start Saturday (10 a.m.-noon) and run every weekend as long as there's a demand. Just like the big city.

        They're $200 (private sessions are usually $400) and include facial microdermabrasion and massage. Call 351-3223.

        There's more: Mendelsohn is also turning happy hour into something new next Thursday when he takes over Matt Bradley's Hyde Park salon for a 6-8 p.m. Botox and Cocktails party. It's $200 a shot, same phone number.




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