Saturday, May 04, 2002

Grandmother creates 'Spider-Man' room

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Brenda Rizwan painted a Spider-Man mural in her grandson Shane Reimer's bedroom.
(Glenn Hartong photo)
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        A visiting grandmother wove an imaginative web of a Spider-Man bedroom for her grandson, Shane Reimer, 8, of Crestview, near Cold Spring.

        Brenda Rizwan of Saginaw, Mich., had been wanting to try her hand at mural painting, but she hadn't planned to tackle anything on the scale of a room transformation.

        “At first, we were just going to paint a Spider-Man on the wall, but I got carried away and continued to add as ideas came to me,” she says. “The concept is that Shane's room is the rooftop of a building and Spider-Man has swung over to it from another skyscraper. The walls with this design have most of the buildings, while the other two walls have water views.”

        Ms. Rizwan researched books about architecture, cartooning and murals at the Cold Spring branch library. The rooftop idea came from one of the many Spider-Man items owned by Shane, who is eager to see the Spider-Man movie that opened Friday.

        The wall project started with white and blue paint that Ms. Rizwan custom-colored. Some details were done with acrylic artist's paints.

        To complete the bedroom, Shane's mother, Andrea Ankrum, made a duvet cover for Shane's bedspread. and Ms. Rizwan used fabric paints to add a large spider web on the top.

        Ms. Rizwan, who returned to Michigan Monday, already knows her next project: a “wrestling ring” bedroom for another grandson in Saginaw, Storm Porras, 11.

        “Or maybe the Scorpion King. He loves the Rock!”


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