Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Robber's punishment is 5 years

By Randy Tucker, rtucker@enquirer.com
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        A man who helped his brother rob a bank Jan. 25 was sentenced to five years in prison Monday after pleading guilty in Hamilton County Common Pleas court to one count of aggravated robbery.

        As part of the plea agreement, David Gadson, 25, of Millvale admitted to helping his brother, Derwin, steal $2,200 from the PNC Bank at 5100 Glenway Ave. in Price Hill.

        Derwin Gadson, 29, has been indicted in six robberies, including the PNC robbery Jan. 25.

        Defense attorneys asked Judge Patrick Dinkelacker for leniency in sentencing David Gadson because he has a wife and two children.

        The defense also argued that the younger Gadson should get a lighter sentence because the robbery was his first serious offense and his older brother talked him into it.

        But Judge Dinkelacker told the defendant that the plea agreement, offered to him because he cooperated with police, was the only break he would get.

        “You robbed a bank, and that is a very, very serious offense,” Judge Dinkelacker said. “You should have thought of your family, your wife and kids, before you did that.”

        According to police, David Gadson entered the PNC Bank shortly after noon in preparation for the robbery.

        His brother waited across the street at a Burger King restaurant until David Gadson returned.

        The elder Gadson then entered the bank and presented a teller with a note that said he had a gun and demanded money.

        David Gadson was waiting outside in the car in which the two brothers fled.

        Police responding to a silent alarm arrested the two brothers a few blocks away.

        The police found $300 on David Gadson, $1,500 on his brother and more cash scattered throughout the car, including so-called “bait money” that set off the silent alarm when it was removed from the bank.


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