Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Get To It

A guide to help you make your day

Compiled by Jim Knippenberg jknippenberg@enquirer.com

Going out

        Acoustic Lunch: It's a great break from pressures of work when the popular and mellow lunchtime concert series in shady Piatt Park kicks off with Slingblade. 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. today, Garfield Place and Vine Street, downtown. 352-4080.

        Trunk Show: The Diane Firsten womenswear shop in O'Bryonville hosts a flashy trunk show of ready-to-wear suits, dresses, evening wear and luxury bridal gowns from Carolina Herrera's Fall/Winter collection. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. today-Wednesday, 2033 Madison Road. 871-3399.

        Home improvement: All Home Depot locations have a free 30-45 minute how-to clinic on ceiling fan installation. So you can cut your air-conditioning bills, that's why. 7 p.m. today. 923-9157.

        Will Haven: The rough, rowdy and raucous speed metal quartet hits town with Keepsake and Open Hand. 9 p.m today, 20th Century, 3021 Madison Road, Oakley, $8-$10. 562-4949.

Staying in

        TV picks: ABC's Boston 24/7 looks at life in Boston through the embattled mayor up for re-election, a principal at a troubled inner-city school and a young prosecutor preparing for his first trial (10 p.m. today-Friday, and next Tuesday-Wednesday, Channels 9, 2).

        • Critic John Kiesewetter also says George Clooney will be featured among the Shirtless: Hollywood's Sexiest Men (10 p.m., American Movie Classics).

What's in stores today

        Bright 'n' vulgar: Merciful heavens, you could get stir crazy staring at this catalog too long. Referring here to Paradise on a Hanger, a 30-page catalog full of nothing but very bright Hawaiian shirts. Very bright indeed. And maybe the widest selection anywhere other than Hawaii itself. Most shirts are in the $50 to $60 range, some higher. Check it out at www.hotshirts.com or call (800) 921-3050 for a catalog.

Planning Ahead

        24 hours out: Poets and poetry lovers who don't write but like to listen are welcome at the Main City Bar poetry series. 8 p.m. Wednesday, Liberty and Main streets, Over-the-Rhine. 241-6111.

        48 hours out: Legendary and evergreen folk singer Judy Collinsbrings her Wildflower Festival to Dayton's Fraze Pavilion with other folkie faves Richie Havens and Arlo Guthrie. 8 p.m. Thursday,$17.50-$35. 562-4949.

        72 hours 'til Friday: Miller Gallery holds an opening reception for its annual Whimsy III exhibit highlighting artists with a “whimsical eye,” including C.F. Payne, Jay Schmetz and Fay Sciarra. 6-8 p.m., 2715 Erie Ave., Hyde Park. 871-4420.


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