Saturday, June 08, 2002

To do this week

Garden tips from Sue Trusty, Civic Garden Center


        • Cut peony flowers are heavy drinkers. Water frequently to prolong blossoms indoors. Outside, remove peony flowers as they fade. Clean up spent, soggy flower heads and foliage showing signs of fungus (dark concentric circular spots). Put in the trash, and avoid adding the infected plant parts to the compost pile.

        • Iberis sempervirens (Candytuft), a great evergreen perennial for full sun or partial shade, can be trimmed back. Prune the spent blossom stalks by taking a hand full of stems and cutting midway back to the base of the plant. This encourages the plant to bush out and, occasionally, to blossom again in fall.

        • Gladiolus can be planted any time between May 1 and July 15. For continual show of color, plant at 10-day intervals. Plant 6-8 inches deep to provide support for stems and to avoid the need to stake plants.

        • As hardy begonias emerge, thin and transplant. Spacing of at least 6 inches is important for sturdy plants.

Eco tips

        • When using toxic sprays of any kind, apply during the least-windy time of day. This usually is in the early morning. Even when it seems there is no breeze, there will always be some wind drift.

        • Fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals often are highly toxic to fish. When applying near ponds, use extra caution.

        • Sevin is toxic to bees. All fruit pollination depends on bees and other insects. Use Sevin with great care or look for a safer alternative.

       Contact Civic Garden Center Hotline by phone: 221-8733.


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