Perks pay off for bands' fans
        Fans used to battle bodyguards and screaming throngs to get close to their favorite rock stars. Now it's much easier: Join a club.
Cell phone service allows fans to talk to stars

Reporting live isn't always lively
        Columnist John Kiesewetter says: I am reporting live from the newsroom, just like TV reporters do so often on the late local TV news.

Technology news
        Our weekly guide to computers, the Web and the latest gadgets.

Get to it
        A guide to help you make your day.

        I was on drugs a few days. It was good.

Hole in the head quite a tale
        John Fleischman's friends thought he was crazy:

KENDRICK: Alive and Well
        Years ago, I figured out that sitting in the “best” seat at a meeting, dinner party or any other function where conversation might take place is the key to having a good time. Best, that is, in terms of sound, and sound as in being able to hear — or not hear — what others are saying.

Mini-museum houses fond memories of park
        Who: Scott Fowler, 41, of West Carrollton, co-founder of the Southwest Ohio Amusement Park Historical Society, author (his book From Ferris Wheels to Fires is due to be published this fall), Web master of the Unofficial Americana Amusement Park & LeSourdsville Lake Web site (www.americanaamusementpark.com) and curator of a mini-museum featuring souvenirs from the former LeSourdsville Lake/Americana Amusement Park.

Ballet academy director's plans cover wide spectrum
        When Daniel Simmons arrived in Cincinnati three years ago, he decided one thing would determine if he stayed or not: acceptance.

Spoleto highlights good theater
        CHARLESTON, S.C. — Spoleto Festival USA, which ends the 17-day run of its 25th year today, presented a world of performing arts. Over a three-day weekend last week, here's what picked me up and carried me away:

CDT, Ballet reflect on fine seasons
        The seasons have ended for Contemporary Dance Theater and Cincinnati Ballet, the city's two professional dance groups. Both companies offer summer dance classes, and Cincinnati Ballet has a performance for its Budig Academy students this week. But that's it until the new season begins in the fall.

Dean ready to conduct business
        Faculty members at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music breathed a sigh of relief last week that Douglas Lowry, dean since August 2000, is staying. The decisions he makes in the coming months will determine whether the school can maintain its reputation as one of the top-tier conservatories in the country.

DEMALINE: Author pushes creative theory
        Have you been reading (and reading about) Richard Florida's theory of the “creative class?”

MARTIN: Foodstuff
        Imagine going to college with your mom. Not just going to the same school, but sitting in the same classes, working on the same degree.

The fat's out of the bag
        Once again, the nutritionists from the Center for Science in the Public Interest are telling us things we don't want to know. The group is known for its nutritional analyses of movie popcorn, Chinese restaurants and most recently, pizza restaurants.

Vietnamese soup appeals to American tastes, too

        Pho, pronounced pha, is a Vietnamese soup of beef and rice noodles. It's a staple of all Vietnamese restaurants in this country and is a perfect crossover dish, easy for non-Asians to enjoy.

Summer camp guide
The Enquirer's annual guide to summer camps for kids is a where-to list for sports, arts, academics, nature and more. And it's only available online.

Cammys show honors city, musical heritage
        The best musicians in Cincinnati played for each other, honored each other, complimented each other and exchanged hugs at the sixth annual Cammy Awards Sunday at Jillian's.
List of Cammy winners

Women of the Year
        We celebrate the work of 10 women who have made Greater Cincinnati a better place.

O N   T H E   S A M E   P A G E
Cincinnati's assignment: Ernest J. Gaines
        Ernest J. Gaines, author of A Lesson Before Dying thinks we, that is, blacks and whites, have more in common than we have differences.
More about the author and his writing

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