Sunday, June 30, 2002

Excerpts from Graham's sermon

        Here are excerpts from the Rev. Billy Graham's sermon Saturday night:

        “Sorry to wear these (sun)glasses, but last night, the sun came right in here and it was beginning to hurt. I just had three eye operations.”

        “I was watching the news and I thought to myself how much suffering there is in the world. War. Terrorism. .. Race and bigotry also are causing suffering. ... But by God, we can learn from our young people.”

        “Our Father and our God, we thank thee for this moment. ... Tonight could be the change, going from the broad road to the narrow one.”

        “Did you feel like the one that had tried the alcohol, had tried the drugs, but there is still something missing? ... Are you like that? Some of you are.”

        “Before I made that commitment by faith, I had no idea what I was doing. ... But something had started in my heart. It was just like the seed that grows.”

        “Are you a young person tonight, that deep inside, when you are alone, you know there is something missing?”

        “A top movie has been "Lord of the Rings.' ... Just like in the movie, the good and the evil are fighting -- in our hearts.”

        “You can't prove the existence of God. Nobody can prove his existence. ... I had to take that by faith.”

        “God also reveals himself in our consciousness... But you know what happens? We keep doing the same things and the consciousness hardens. ... When you reach that point, you're in the point of danger.”

        “He wasn't the God of Abraham and the God of Billy Graham. He's the same God. He never changes.”

        “The Bible says another thing about God: God is love, and he loves you tonight. ... He can love through you and love people you don't like. That's an amazing thing. You may not like people of another race. You may not like people of another culture. But you can love them.”

        “If God comes into your heart, what problems you have can be taken to him and you can find peace.”

        “He was too big, and we were too little. But he came down, and became one of us - that's who Jesus Christ was.”

        “First, you must repent for your sins. ... It means that you say to God, "I am a sinner. I am willing to turn from my sins.' Notice I said willing. You need help -- that comes through the Holy Spirit.”

        “He'll never turn anybody away.”

        “What will happen to you? You can reject him, or you can be saved. ... He can come into your life and squeak it clean.”

        “Christ cannot change your circumstances. But he can change you on the inside. ... He can even change your sex life. There's nothing wrong with sex. God gave it to us. I just read ... the zoo here is the "sexiest zoo.”'

        “Jesus died publicly for you,... now, God has asked you to take a public stance.”


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