Monday, July 08, 2002

Morning Memo

        Today's Number: 112 — Jetliner deliveries by Boeing Co., the world's biggest plane maker, in the second quarter, down 21 percent from a year earlier, as declining air travel forced the company to reduce production.


Today's Career Talk

               CEOs of large corporations typically aren't quitters, say Peter C. Fusaro and Ross M. Miller, co-authors of What Went Wrong at Enron.

        “They are never quitters because a quitter could in no possible way endure the years of struggle required to reach the top,” the authors contend. “It is virtually unheard of for a CEO to quit suddenly for undisclosed personal reasons after only six months on the job.”

        So when Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling resigned on in August, something was clearly wrong at the company.


Today's Money Tip

               Don't forget to mix some pleasure with business to make your summer vacation tax-deductible. You can generally deduct hotel and meal costs only for the days you're conducting business. But so long as the primary purpose of your trip is business, you can deduct 100 percent of the cost of transportation.


Today's Company


        PAID TO PAY: Paycor celebrates its 12th anniversary this year. At its downtown headquarters, the company's 150 employees provide payroll-related services to 3,200 customers in the Midwest. By developing its own software, Paycor is able to customize programs to accommodate the specific requirements of states and municipalities. The company's services range from writing checks and making payroll deposits to doing tax filing and retirement benefits administration for 401(k) and 403(b) plans.

        COLLECTING KUDOS: In April, Paycor was recognized with a “Commitment to Excellence” Award by the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

        WEB SHORTCUT: An enhancement of Paycor's Web service means that clients as well as their accountants can view, print and download standard payroll reports through the company's secure Web connection.
       PIGGING OUT: Paycor has been a consistent supporter of Cincinnati's annual Flying Pig Marathon.


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